How To See Someone’s Internet History


If you want to see someone’s internet history to see which websites they’ve been going to, here’s an easy way to do it.  And you’ll be able to see a lot more than just what websites they went to.

It’s possible to actually see screenshots of the websites they went to, the passwords they typed in, see any emails or messages they sent and a bunch more.

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See Someone’s Internet History (and full computer activity!)

Obviously if you want to see someone’s internet history then you’re curious about what they’ve been doing online.  And this sneaky piece of software will let you see everything that someone does on the computer.

Along with being able to see someone’s internet history, you’ll also see:

What programs they used

The emails they read or sent

The passwords they typed in

The websites they visited (you’ll actually even see screenshots)

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The program that you use to do this is called “SniperSpy” – it’s a computer monitoring software that makes it possible to monitor exactly what someone is doing on the computer.

It’s used by all sorts of people – businesses, parents, suspicious spouses etc.  There’s a ton of uses for it.


The most complete way to see somsone’s internet history

What I like about SniperSpy is how complete it is.  It doesn’t just let you in on the websites the person went to, instead you get to see EVERYTHING.  Anything that the person does on the computer, you’ll be able to see.

And you can see someone’s internet history and everything else without the person ever knowing that you’re watching!


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